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August 26, 2011
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GTK3+Gnome Shell - Faience by tiheum GTK3+Gnome Shell - Faience by tiheum
Faience is a Work In Progress that include GTK3, GTK2, Metacity and Gnome-Shell themes and an icon theme based on Faenza.

Support Gnome 3.6 only / needs Murrine (GTK2) and Unico (GT3) engines to work properly.

Licence: GPLv3

Icons: Faience
Wallpaper: Also Calm by Lassekongo83

Extract the zip file and put the 'Faience' folder inside your ~/.themes directory. Use the Gome-Shell theme extension to select Faience theme.

Launchpad PPA
Faience GTK, Gnome-shell and icon themes are available to install via a PPA repository. Open a terminal and run :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install faience-theme faience-icon-theme

Older versions (Gnome 3.0 compatibilty) : [link]

== 0.5.4 ==
* GTK3: transitions on buttons are disabled to speed up the rendering of the theme when switching from one window to another and avoid memory leaks on some distros
* GS: add a background on the dash launcher which make it more usable with the great 'dash to dock' extension
== 0.5.3 ==
* New Faience-Ocre (for Gnome-Shell) and Faience-Claire (for Unity) GTK2, GTK3 and metacity themes
* GTK3: fixed the background colour of Nautilus canvas items when the right-click menu is displayed
* GTK3: added animations to buttons
* GTK3: improved the overall look of Gnome Documents
* GTK3: removed the stripes on progressbars
* GS: new design for modal dialogs and GDM
* GS: updated assets to match better the GTK3 widgets
* GTK2: removed the 1-pixel border along the vertical scrollbars for maximized windows (the problem persists with GTK3 applications).
== 0.5.2 ==
* GTK3: fix some bugs with Nautilus rubberband and dual-pane view
* GTK3: fix the text colour of items displayed on the desktop
* GTK3: new arrows for inline toolbars and linked buttons
* GTK3: fix incorrect colour of backdrop progressbars
* GS: fix invisible switches with non-english languages
* GS: fix dash launchers tooltip for right-to-left languages
== 0.5.1 ==
* GTK3: properties border-top-left-radius removed
* GTK3: issue with opacity of the rubberband and background color of tabs in Nautilus fixed
* GTK3: progressbars visibility in rows improved
* GTK3/GTK2: text of menubar items turned to black
* GTK2: progressbars are now fully rounded
* GS: notificaton close button moved in right place for gnome 3.6
== 0.5 ==
* New GTK3, GTK2 and metacity themes
* Gnome-shell theme entirely modified
* Support Gnome 3.6
== 0.3 ==
* Reworked panel, message area, scrollbars, dock and workspaces control in dashboard.
== 0.2 ==
* Support for Gnome 3.2
* Reworked buttons and workspace switcher
* Subtle shadows and animations
== 0.1 ==
* Initial release
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Would love to see support for Gnome 3.10 :) Thanks ahead :)
Please add support for Gnome 3.10 - thanks!!!
support please for gnome 3.10!! thanks!!!
great theme thanks! :D
please please please, support for GNOME 3.10 and, write manual of the changes. new versión icons??? i love faience great!!!
please support for GNOME 3.10 and share is manual for change. please please
please and new icons???
AKLP Oct 18, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I know it's annoying but please add GS3.10 support
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